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About Me

I'm a recent transplant to the Chicago area from Massachusetts and am really enjoying it here.  I love dabbling in different mediums and learning new things and I'm very excited to be exploring the robust art scene here.


From the beginning of my formal art education, at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, I've been drawn to the figure.  As you can see from the selection of my portfolio posted here, my work is primarily an exploration of the human form.  Or it has been up to now.  Although it will always be my first love, and remains incredibly satisfying subject matter, I feel myself approaching a turning point in my art, including a change in focus.


My recent foray into printmaking has yielded more abstract images, like the one you see here.  Initially, I viewed it as a sort of side project; a holiday from painting.  Now it seems like the beginning of its own significant path instead of a temporary digression.


I welcome any feedback you may have on my work.  You can also stay in touch with me and my latest artistic (and general life) endeavors via social media.


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